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It all started when…

Our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract is the product of something more advanced than today’s most sophisticated agricultural sciences: Nature. By unleashing the natural bounty of the Earth, we can produce an exceptionally potent extract.

It starts with the fully organic hemp plants hand-grown at the Kingdom of the Happy Land. Untouched and untainted by artificial chemicals or pesticides, each flower of these special sun-kissed hemp plants contains the greatest concentrations of natural cannabinoids, CBD and valuable phytonutrients we can nurture.

Thanks to a number of proprietary organic cultivation processes, our flowers offer a unique profile of phytonutrients that contribute to exceptional potency.  The Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extracts that result provide the maximum benefits of the hemp plant.  One hundred percent natural, these hemp products should never be confused with extracts that are genetically modified or contain isolated, highly refined molecules. We offer only nature’s best.

We focus on providing the greatest benefits available from pure and natural hemp plants by preserving their raw qualities, often lost or modified by the mass-scale practices of other manufacturers. Our carefully crafted techniques and precisely monitored growing conditions assure delivery of a complete spectrum of unaltered terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. It is the best found in nature and the singular result of the near magical growing conditions that reside only at the Kingdom of the Happy Land.You’ll also find plant-based natural ethanol extraction is a cornerstone of the production of our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extracts. This method of removing ethanol through the natural processes of sugar fermentation has a centuries-old history in pharmacology. It is also widely used in herbal preparations for its ability to extract a broad array of compounds from plant materials.

In a final earth-friendly step, the ethanol is removed and recovered to be used again. The extracts are then blended into our final products, which are tested by an independent third-party laboratory for potency, purity and safety. All of which is tracked for each batch we craft and available for review upon request. Start to finish, nature and natural processes drive every element of what we do at Kingdom Harvest.